Diamond Floor Polishing

Do you find Terrazzo,Marble,Concrete and Plastic floorings hard to maintain? Are your floors losing lustre and shine, and are in a dire need of polishing? If so, at Rok Facilities Management Ltd. you can find solutions to all your problems, related to floor polishing and maintenance.

Rok Facilities Management Ltd. is a reputable Cheshire based company that deals in diamond floor pads, diamond floor polishing, floor cleaning machine supplies and consultancy services, throughout the UK. At Rok Facilities Management Ltd., we provide you with efficient and effective floor repairing and floor restoration services, to make your floors appear as good as new. After availing of our diamond floor polishing services your floor is furnished with high class finish and has a magnificent sheen.

We have been providing our expert services to various reputable organisations including TESCO, ASDA, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Morrison’s and Co Op. We have thus a wide range of industry and commercial experience. By dealing with high-profile clients we have over the years earned an excellent reputation for ourselves and for our high-quality services that we have to offer.

Our diamond floor pads and diamond floor polishing services are designed to produce brilliant results, refurbishing your floors to add gloss and shine to them. We make sure that our services provide you with slip-resistant, fantastic looking floors. Whether it is a school, a supermarket, an airport, a hotel or a shopping centre, we cater to a diversified consumer base. Our services can be of distinctive advantage when you acquire them for surroundings with floorings extended over a wide area.

At Rok Facilities Management Ltd., we take extra care to comply with standard health and safety criteria. We, at all costs, avoid the use of harmful chemicals used for polishing to ensure unpolluted surroundings. We ensure that our services are performed in a manner which is environmentally friendly and our team strive to provide you with slip-resistant, clean,beautiful floors.

We are experts in diamond floor polishing and our experience and expertise has enabled us to provide our customers with effective floor cleaning and floor polishing services ensuring tremendous end results, even when we are dealing with difficult and hard to clean surfaces.

Apart from dealing in diamond floor pads and diamond floor polishing, we also offer floor maintenance services. Our diamond maintenance system is conceived and executed to economise the floor maintenance costs.We can then schedule return visits to ensure your floors are always looking fantastic.

In addition to providing services for floorings like Terrazzo and Marble floors, we have expanded our area of expertise to provide floor cleaning services for Plastic floorings such as, Vinyl floors and Linoleum floors. Also, hiring our newly introduced soft pad cleaning system, you can have better results in floor cleaning and maintenance.

Our services are designed and executed to ensure maximum customer convenience. Working on standards of modern technology, our environment-friendly and customer–aiding floor cleaning and floor grinding processes are dust and dirt free. No risk of dirt and dust also equips us with increased flexibility to provide our services all round the clock. Whether it is about floor grinding at your work place during working hours or it concerns floor cleaning services to be provided during a time period of high traffic. We work through an efficient system to cause minimum inconvenience for our customers, so that their regular activities are not hindered.

Now you can hire floor cleaning and floor grinding services without having the fear of disturbing your work routine.

Diamond floor pads and diamond floor polishing is where our expertise lie. At Rok Facilities Management Ltd., you are provided with high quality diamond floor pads and diamond floor polishing services that are worth your money. Our services are executed to provide you with high-quality and easy to maintain results. After hiring our efficient services you are left with clean, shining, hygienic and slip-resistant floors. Furthermore, your flooring also attains the quality of being more stain-resistant after passing through the procedure of diamond floor polishing.

You can have access to acquiring all these benefits at very reasonable prices and in a minimum possible time.  You are only a click away from hiring our valuable services.

We are extremely proud of our work, please check out our Gallery for some recently Diamond Polished floors