Diamond Floor Pads

At Rok Facilities Management Ltd. we provide our customers with diamond floor pads of the finest quality. Our diamond floor pads are carefully designed to ensure your convenience and maximum operational assistance.

If you think that you may be able to carry out the floor polishing all on your own, and are only interested in buying relevant supplies, we at Rok Facilities Management Ltd., provide you with first-rate diamond floor pads for efficient floor polishing, at very reasonable prices.

At Rok Facilities Management Ltd., we have been using and selling Diamond Floor Polishing Pads for over 20 years and have realised that quality is paramount. We provide you with a set of six polishing segments. These six polishing segments or diamond floor polishing pads need to be attached to the pad drives on your scrubber drier or rotary machine.

We provide you with a variety of diamond floor polishing pads to be used for various purposes. For optimised and cost-effective results, you can have your pick from our collection. Our diamond floor polishing pads are classified on the basis of grit which is a particular colour of the pad and this specifies its cleaning and polishing properties.

Diamond floor polishing pads at Rok Facilities Management Ltd., with a grit range of 50 to 220 are ideal for stock removal. Polishing pads that lie between the grit ranges of 400 to 800 are specifically designed for re-finishing and those lying between the grit ranges of 3500 to 10,000 are preferred for polishing and high quality finish.

In addition to our already existing floor polishing system, we have also introduced a new soft pad system for floor polishing. The new soft pad system by Rok Facilities Management Ltd. is an excellent choice for on-going maintenance and replaces you conventional cleaning pad.

At Rok Facilities Management Ltd., we not only facilitate you with Terrazzo floor polishing, Marble floor polishing and Stone floor polishing, but we have introduced a newly devised floor restoration system, specifically for plastic floorings. Working in association with Tarkett and Freudenberg, we have achieved amazing results in Vinyl floor polishing and Linoleum floor polishing. Check out our Gallery Page.

Please download the attached file for how the system works.




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